Thursday, May 19, 2016

How to chat in the Facebook app without downloading Messenger

To chat on Facebook through your phone, you should definitely download another appliion, separate from the appliion of Facebook, known as Facebook Messenger, but the problem is that this appliion consumes the battery time (Battery drainer), and consumes the memory of the RAM.

Of course, i don't say that Messenger is a bad appliion, On the contrary, it is one of the best chat appliions, but if you have some problems in terms of this appliion, and you want to use Facebook chat, continue with me this simple method.
1. Delete the appliion Facebook Messenger.

2.Download this app"Facebook Chat Re-enabler".HERE

3.Install"Facebook Chat Re-enabler".

Then facebook appliion and enjoy the chat through it, without a large consumption of the battery or RAM...

Note: in the future, keep follow up updates Facebook Chat Re-enabler, in order to comply with the Facebook app updates.

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