Thursday, May 19, 2016

Magic Spider Android - Download Apk v 2.0

magic spider apk free download, it's anEntertainmentandroidappget it for free fromfull apk appswebsiteMagic spider ANDROID apkis the scariest app for the Android. Inspired by Jim Pace's magic trick "The Web" where a spider magically apprs on the back of your spectator's hand. Bound to get amazing rctions.Magic SpiderappdownloadThe app uses the id of "Augmented Rlity" merging rl life objects with computer erated graphics to crte a truly frightening effectSize: 41 Mb | Android: 2.2 and up

THE MAGIC SPIDER EFFECTYou take a photo of the spectator's palm (secretly loading a plastic spider on the back of their hand) and place the phone on their palm to hold.Your Pet Boris - an Australian Red back spider (black widow) creeps onto the screen and they can feel the vibrations as it walks. You can tap the screen and even slide your finger into the animation to scratch the spider's back. Boris walks off the screen.You tell them that the phone has special sensors that when you wave your hand over the screen it makes the spider come back. He does.You get them to wave their hand over the phone.It is just then that they glimpse a rlistic spider clinging to the back of their hand and they FRK OUT!!

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