Thursday, May 19, 2016

Snake Simulator v1.1 Apk Full

Snake Simulatorapkdownload, it's ansimulatorandroidgameget it for free fromfull apk appswebsiteinSnake Simulator PremiumgamefreeEnter a tropical rainforest and live the life of a poisonous Snake! Explore a lush jungle filled with ferocious animals and insects of all shapes and sizes.Snake Simulatorgamefor androidin life in a virtual Raise a family, hunt down food, and battle for your life against fierce predators like tigers, crocodiles, and gorillas!Download theSnake Simulatortoday for freeSize: 36 Mb | Android: 2.3 and up

Game Ftures+ RLISTIC SIMULATOR - You'll need to maintain your hlth, hunger, thirst and energy if you're going to survive in the hostile jungle!+ EPIC BATTLES - Use your razor sharp fangs, swift speed, and hypnotic stare to hunt down tasty critters and fight dangerous rainforest animals like the silverback gorilla!+ LEVEL UP YOUR SNAKE - Gain experience by defting and devouring enemies and level up your snakes to incrse their hlth, attack damage, and even unlock new abilities like Venom Shot!+ DDLY ATTACKS - Spit poisonous venom on your foes that will damage them over time or use your hypnotic stare to mind-control enemies into doing your bidding!+ START A SNAKE FAMILY - Find a mate to bond with and raise your very own family of snakes! Hatch your eggs and watch your baby snakes grow in size and strength as they help you battle your enemies!+ REPTILE SURVIVAL GUIDE - Look to your handy survival guide for information on enemy wildlife, a map of the jungle, snake customizations, and much more!+ HUGE 3D ENVIRONMENT - Your snake is free to slither through a massive open-world environment that is more the double the size of the previous simulators!

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