Thursday, May 19, 2016

VidTrim Pro – Editor Apk full 2.2.5

VidTrim Pro Editor apkdownloadfor android, it's anandroidappget it for free fromfull apk appswebsiteVidTrim Pro Editor full version is a editor and organizer for Android. It includes multiple ftures like trimming, frame grabbing, effects, extract audio (convert to ) and transcodingVidTrim Pro Editorandroid appYou can also share your s with your friends directly through the appPlse try the free ad supported version first.Size: 3.4 Mb | Android: 2.3.3 and up

Ftures of VidTrim Pro:- trimmer. Trim clips right on your device- Effects. Apply cool effects like B/W, Negate, Vintage, Vignette, Blur, Sharpen, Edge detect, Luma, SwapUV.- Trans clips. Transcoding allows to convert to MP4, resize and compress s. - Add music soundtrack to your s through transcoding fture.- Frame accurate frame grabber. Extract/save the exact frames from your clips as s.- Convert files to audio files.- Share clips. (Send e-mail, upload to YouTube etc.)- Play clips - Rename clips- Delete clips- Supports both ARM and x86 CPUs in one package.- Contains optimizations for ARMv7 NEON when available.

VidTrim Pro – Editor:Apk 2.2.5

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